Is Aluminum Cookware Safe?

Aluminum cookware is a lightweight option for cooking but has side effects as well. They are also long-lasting kitchen cookware at the lowest price.

In that regard, aluminum is a plentiful product in the world. We can find it in anything such as food, water and daily medicines with this metal.

People absorb a little amount of aluminum on a regular basis, but it is not harmful. It only becomes harmful with acidic items. Accordingly, this cookware has a huge habit of reacting with acidic food items. Vinegar, tomatoes, etc. foods can easily create a toxic effect on food when it is processed with aluminum.

However, aluminum is not so harmful for every situation but has a higher rate of destruction in some cases. It can create diseases for human beings and even cause death. Here is a detailed brief on its safety levels when it comes to cookware.

Sources of Aluminum

You can find aluminum in soil, minerals and even in rocks. Many processed items and foods have aluminum in them. The organization named “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” surveyed and estimated the result of the consumption of aluminum for the adult person is a minimum of 7gm to 9gm in regular foods.

This amount cannot show the amount of aluminum that comes from cookware, though. You will find aluminum in several products like medicines and tools. Buffered aspirin, antacids, nasal spray, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. are examples of these types of products.

An antacid contains around 100gm to 200gm aluminum, which is a big amount of consumption. No chance of avoiding it as seen here.

Aluminum Cookware Leaching

Leaching into food from aluminum products is not constant. It depends on the situation and items being used for cooking food. It usually reacts more with acidic items. In that case, the leaching process increases to the maximum level. In other cases, it remains normal and safe.

All kinds of meat are a little acidic, and these have the habit of making aluminum cookware leach into them. Normal leaching can increase when there is heat involved.

Accordingly, a survey shows that comparatively newer aluminum pans are safer than the previous ones found in the market.

Safety of Aluminum Cookware

In every kitchen, you will find aluminum non-stick cookware. There is no place where you can get rid of aluminum. Every type of branded or non-branded aluminum product has a seal about the guarantee of not leaching into the food.

On the other hand, using aluminum cookware is actually adding aluminum into your food, especially when you are cooking acidic items in the pan; and thus leaching occurs. If you have any sickness of your brain, it is very harmful to you because it settles into the tissues of your brain.

In that regard, taking aluminum salt is not safe for your brain. If you have renal sickness and heart problems, intake of aluminum in this way can deteriorate your health.

Normally aluminum cookware has a non-stick layer to prevent leaching. However, when the cookware becomes hot, leaching can occur anyway. Boiling water in the pan is a way to fix this situation, but it is not that much helpful.

Therefore, new non-sticks are introduced with safer facilities, but you cannot be sure about them. Damaged tissue usually catches aluminum, but a healthy tissue does not do the same.

Likewise, the direct use of higher aluminum processed products indicates dangerous risk factors like diseases. Hence, the human body has no benefits from this metal. It can damage the lungs, kidneys, and brain. Kidney diseases are usually due to aluminum.

About only 1 percent of the metal goes into the stomach and the rest of the amount is passed through urine. In other words, a human being can take the only 40mg of aluminum per kg of their own weight. But no one takes this much. Everyone ends up taking a lot more than this amount, which is very harmful to our health.

Aluminum cookware has a layer of protection between the food and the pan. However, aluminum foil does not have that type of a protective shield and that is more dangerous. If you have contracted any diseases due to aluminum, just avoid aluminum-rich products and processed foods at the same time.

In addition, aluminum foil has a higher number of risk factors than the cookware. It can take you towards many more health issues such as bone problems and anemia. So it is good to be careful and avoid these types of situations.

Alzheimer’s Disease

In 1960, experts suspected that Alzheimer’s disease was caused by aluminum. At that time people thought of using aluminum cookware and items. In May 2014, a report was published on this matter. The report showed that aluminum is the main reason for Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, it is responsible for brain diseases as well.

Cancer by Aluminum

This is not a direct process. Reports have shown that aluminum cookware can lead to kidney problems instead of cancer. Things like tumors or brain diseases can lead to cancer. As a side effect of aluminum, the aforementioned types of diseases occur, and afterward, that turns into cancer.

Safety Works

When you find that aluminum cookware is not 100% friendly in cooking healthy food, you should avoid it. You also should avoid acidic foods. Don’t even store your food in aluminum metal containers or boxes.

However, the processed aluminum on the surface of the cookware may be safer than the raw version of aluminum. If that processed aluminum gets any damage, the damage will be the same for your overall health.

Talk to your doctor about avoiding aluminum from your daily life. You should also check your health and fitness matters to ensure your health safety. Try to use glass or steel cookware in that case.


It is a threat to healthy people when they have aluminum exposure. You can choose better cookware and other products for your good health. You also have to take care of your food habits in the meantime.